Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 in Tweet Reviews

This was number 1...
As anyone who follows my twitter feed (@teddroe y’all!) will confirm with a grimace, I have an annoying habit of tweeting movie reviews. I started doing it in spring  of 2010 on a lark—at the time I didn’t know what to tweet, and felt like I should do something—but quickly realized that I quite enjoyed it. To be clear, at no point have I thought that anyone cared what I thought, but it became a great way to organize my thoughts about a film, and to be able to go back later and see a brief record of what I saw, when, and what I thought of it. There might possibly be a movie or two that I haven’t tweeted since then (perhaps one or two that I was embarrassed to be on record as having see…or liked), but I’ve gotten into a pretty solid habit of it over the last three years and I ain’t stopping anytime soon.

The 3rd annual I’m Right Awards are about six weeks away, and that’s when I’ll write about and celebrate the great films (and Silver Linings Playbook) that came out in 2012. But first, we’re going to quickly go over not what came out in 2012, but what I watched in 2012—though obviously there’ll be a wee bit of overlap.

So without further ado, a list of everything movie review I tweeted during 2012. I started giving number grades about a quarter of the way through, and I haven’t altered any of these. I stand by most…but not all, not completely. I’m 98% sure this is everything I saw, but even if it isn’t, per above, I ain’t telling.

(Okay, so that was a little further ado…)