Thursday, December 4, 2014


In case anyone cares, I've pretty much entirely moved my movie reviewing over to (specifically I'm still planning on writing another I'm Right Awards here in a few months, and perhaps some other stuff, but most of what I'm writing now is over there.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 2014 I'm Right Awards

Velkommen, bienvenue, benvenuto, tervetuloa, and welcome, to the fourth annual I’m Right Awards! It’s so lovely to have all you beautiful and sophisticated people—with great taste in seldom-updated blogs—with me. No, you’re the best!

Quick rundown of the rules, which are mostly unchanged from last year: I’m going to go, category by category, through many of the Oscar categories and give my personal list of what the nominees, and winner, should have been. In my humble opinion, of course…though, after all, I am right. It says so right in the title.

Anyways, like in the past few years, I’ve replaced a few of the Oscar categories with new ones of my own. Some I ditched because I think they’re dumb, or at least don’t really fit in with the rest, like the shorts categories. Others I’ve chosen to replace simply because I haven’t really seen enough films to render any sort of opinion, namely Best Foreign Film and Best Documentary. I’ve gotten rid of a couple of my original categories from last year and replaced them with what I think are better one; Best Trailer is gone, as is Best Sequel, Remake, or Ripoff.

Finally, I’ve consolidated Best Adapted and Best Original Screenplay into one category (Best Screenplay); I understand the value of treating them differently (adapting source material and coming up with your own are very different tasks), but the distinctions were giving me a headache. So, fuck it.

And, without much further ado…the Pauls!