Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The 2015 I'm Right Awards

Welcome, welcome, to the fifth annual I’m Right Awards, celebrating everything that I was right about in 2014. Actually, no, that would take me weeks to write, so why don’t we focus on something a little more specific, maybe…hmm, I don't know, there are so many options. Wait, did someone say movies? Sounds great!

The rules are pretty much unchanged from the last couple of years: I’m going to run through and give my own five nominees and winners for the traditional Oscar film categories, with a few exceptions. I’ve removed some of the categories that either a) I’m not really qualified to judge due to, you know, not having seen (m)any (see, e.g., Best Documentary), or b) I don’t give a turd about (like Best Original Song). But as Paul taketh away, Paul also giveth, so for every category I’ve taken away, I’ve added one of my own. These new categories are the same as last year, which means nothing more than I didn’t feel like spending time trying to think of new ones. The only real change from last year is that I have reinstated the two different Screenplay categories.

All of this is, of course, only in my own humble opinion…though I am right. It says so in the title.

And, without much further ado…the Pauls!