Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, this is it I suppose...I have entered the perilous world of the blogosphere, impulsively and probably needlessly. I fully expect this blog to never, ever, be read by anyone. In a way, I suppose this is more of an electronic journal than anything else. In case, for some unfathomable reason someone wants to read this at some later date I will try to keep my posts as lucid as possible, but I will probably write this with more candor than I would if anyone were reading...if I embarrass myself at some later date, so be it. For the most part I will write about whatever I want, whether it be opinions, anecdotes, or diatribes against halibut.

First, a very simple bio (to put myself in context for me). I am eighteen, a dude, and live in Seattle. My last day of high school is in two days, about which I could not possibly be more excited. I am attending American University next fall, and my feeling about that pretty closely match my feelings about escaping the single-sex catholic institute in which I have spent a large part of the last four years. As for more, well, to quote the late Robert Jordan, R.A.F.O. Read and Find Out. Good Night, and Good Luck.

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