Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That was a failed little experiment, wasn't it?

So it's been about thirty months since my first and last post. I know you all have been waiting with absolutely baited breath. Well, here I am again, two years older and none the wiser.

Why am I back? Well, I suppose to revisit the concept of the online journal, or more accurately a bully pulpit. I want somewhere to write at a bit more length than twitter if and when I have the urge, and here is the perfect opportunity. Or at least an opportunity. I don't want to just throw around the word 'perfect' willy-nilly. It's reckless.

So what will I write here? Judging by past precedent, probably nothing. But if I do indeed keep updating, here's what I imagine it looking like. First, there will be a lot of content related to media. Movies, television, books, videogames, and maybe even music every once in a while. It's what I'm interested in, and I like to write about it. I'll be posting some movie reviews (of dubious quality), as well as some discussion of television, books, and videogames on occasion. We'll see exactly how that works out

I'd also imagine that some sports-related posts will pop up. I'm a basketball fan, both professional and college, as well as an erstwhile football and tennis fan. So that will happen. I'll try to avoid angsty posts about my beloved and recently deceased Supersonics, but I don't know how successful I'll be. I consider myself a sports widower, and the fact the corpse of my dearly-departed lover has been reanimated by dark magic and is currently whoring around in Oklahoma is something of a sore subject. To put it mildly.

There also may well be a few cultural, religion, and/or politics posts. I'm a non-confrontational sort of fellow so these probably won't be common, but it may happen. I'm a fairly radical social libertarian and an economic moderate, and I usually identify with the Democratic Party in the United States. I also happen to be a Deist. Which I might or might not talk about.

Other than that, really anything is potentially fair game. I don't generally lead a very interesting life, so I probably won't talk about it much. But I'm okay with that.

Au revoir, and see you in early 2013. Or sooner. And by you, I mean me.

(Is writing to myself better than talking to myself?)

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